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7-Figure Cycle System Review By Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton!

7-Figure Cycle System Review By Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton! How To Make Money Online With 7 Figure Cycle System in 2018? Learn How To Earn A Lot of Money With 7-Figure Cycle 2018? Discover The Hidden Truth About 7-Figure Cycle System By Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton!

Product Name – 7 Figure Cycle
Creators – Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – Chris Keef & Todd Snively
Price – $2497
Verdict? – 100% Recommended!
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Hello Guys, My Name is Brian and I will personally walk you through my 7 Figure Cycle review and the 7 Figure Cycle members area. If you wish to know more about me or my internet marketing journey, you can do so here. As of today the release date has been pushed back to January 23rd, but expect emails starting January 17th for the pre-launch. As with every product that Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – Chris Keef & Todd Snively release, 7 Figure Cycle will be open for 7 days only.

7 Figure Cycle Review

7 Figure Cycle is a fast track Amazon wholesaler training course, designed to eliminate failure and frustration. This system is succeeded by following the simple yet powerful 5 step process.

+ Select a wholesaler from the massive USA based database
+ Use the Profit Blaze software to find profitable products
+ Acquire said product
+ Forward product over to Amazon warehouse
+ Make 50-60% profit margin by selling product in first 2 weeks
+ Wow! That wasn’t so bad. Good now do it again and again. It’s really that simple.

Amazon is a powerhouse marketplace. How often does someone in your household shop on Amazon? How many other households across the United States have the eager Amazon shoppers with credit card in hand? Countless, final answer. It’s no surprise that you can make money from Amazon just as easy as you spend money on Amazon.

What’s most impressive about 7 figure cycle System, is the fact that it is literally the only course of it’s kind ever. There are a few similar course created by the same people so that doesn’t count. Most importantly, you want and need that software, kind of the backbone of this system if you will.

Here is Aidan interviewing one of his students. Just an ordinary couple of guys. This id from 100k Factory Revolution, most recent product release from Aidan and Steve. I recommend that you watch the full video and get a better understanding who you’re doing business with.

Thank you guys for checking out My 7 Figure Cycle Review, by the time 7 figure cycle product launches, I should have over 2,500 words for you to dig deep and get all of your questions answered.

Best eCommerce Training Course
Best eCommerce Training Course

Learn How to Sell on Amazon Successfully

There are a lot of people interested in e-commerce in general and there are those who are considering starting a business by trying to sell through the Amazon platform.

And who has an e-shop and products in the Arab world wants to display these products on the site of Amazon, to benefit from the large segment in this platform, and access to wider electronic markets.

There are a lot of questions in everyone’s mind about how best to get a market share and Amazon seems to be selling through safe selling mechanisms, especially with regard to tax laws, international shipping and dealing with Amazon fulfillment services.

I put here 11 information gathered by answering many of the questions that are repeated by those interested in electronic commerce in Amazon.

1. If I subscribe to the Fulfillment By Amazon service, will I be allowed to sell in my own shop as well as in Amazon, and use Amazon stores to ship my products when I sell through my own shop?

Answer: Al Wafa service via Amazon is limited to the product and sales service, which is implemented in the Amazon platform only, that is, it provides the logistic aspect of the inventory and the shipment to the customer after the completion of the sale on the site Amazon, and is not the place of Drop Shipping companies, Its follow-up in the Amazon platform of the responsibility of the seller the owner of the products.

The first step that comes before sending products to Amazon stores is to create and document an account at Amazon as a vendor.

2. Is the loyalty service activated by Amazon when participating in the professional account, or can be used within the individual account?

Answer: You must first look at the 3 conditions to deal with the Amazon platform (as a vendor). As for product management through the Fulfillment By Amazon service, this can be used either within the individual or professional vendor account, but I do not think it will be a step It is better for a trader to start selling and sending products in a self-explanatory manner so that he can fully understand the way he handles Amazon, and then move on to the Amazon service for the following reasons:

There is a fee for each product sold in Amazon using the individual accounts of 0.99. Amazon’s sales charges will be added (different depending on the type of product and in which department or category). Add the Amazon loyalty service fee, and do not forget that the individual account will not benefit. Of the shipping privileges of this service, or privileges that may be obtained from the shipping companies if dealt with directly by the seller, and therefore the seller is exposed to loss unless the profit rate is high.

B. There are many products restricted to dealing and selling in Amazon, and may in some cases be prohibited. If they were sent to Amazon stores and the seller knew that they were restricted or prohibited products (or sold in a specified state in the states of America) Sent to him, and incur additional expenses and losses he did not expect.

3. Should the seller in Amazon (an individual or professional account) have a registered company in America?

Answer: Yes, the seller must have a registered company (I have not mentioned in article 3 terms of dealing and selling on the Amazon platform), and the company’s registration here is for the purpose of complying with US tax transactions and laws that Amazon applies in accordance with local and state tax laws ).

The law requires Amazon to notify the US tax authority of the sales of each vendor when the number of annual sales of the seller exceeds 50 sales movements.

There are ways to be followed to obtain the tax number, the most important of which is the first registration of a company in America, of course this is the case of sellers in America.

4. How is the tax applied to traders (dealer inside America or dealer from outside America) in Amazon?

Answer: Part of the answer in the previous question (No. 3), which concerns the seller from within America, As for sellers from outside America:

A. If the products are sold in Amazon but shipped from outside the United States, among the countries allowed to deal with this mechanism in Amazon (there are 5 Arab countries in this list are Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Sultanate of Oman) Income and sales tax in America,

B. The seller outside of America must complete the tax requirements in Amazon, including filling out a form or form called the W9-BEN Form. This means that the tax requirements in the United States will be exempted. Therefore, the seller will not be subject to income tax or sales tax,

(C) The foreign seller shall remain liable for taxes in his country of residence,

With the caveat that in the event that the seller is registered outside of America but ships its products from stores within America, the actual obligation and payment of sales tax is in accordance with US law but is exempted from income tax only.

5 – I want to register a company within the United States, in order to deal with the platform of Amazon, how so?

Answer: There are some states that allow the registration of companies to people outside of America, and the most famous of these states is Delaware, and there are some accountants do so for the establishment fee, and then the annual fee (go to the state registration agent according to the law of that state, The account fees may be between $ 500 and $ 1000. The annual fees for the registration agent are between $ 150 and $ 200. The fees of the accountant vary according to the services that he or she will provide,

Note that you will be required to submit your annual tax return and pay the taxes incurred by your business operations in America.

6. How Are Taxes Calculated In Amazon?

Answer: The local tax laws of each state are applied in relation to the sales tax rate in that state. Therefore, the income tax is applied at the end of the year to the company with the tax number (the income tax will be local and federal, after calculating all expenses and losses and the amount of profits in due time) Recently, Amazon has added five states to the list of US states where Amazon is committed to apply tax laws to 45 states and 5 states remain out of the list.

The sales tax is applied only to the retail product and according to the state law to which the product will be shipped and sent (different types of products subject to sales tax). This tax is for each product separately in the shopping cart and not on the total value of the shopping cart. On the value of shipping or accompanying services (such as gift packaging), but few states.

The amount of the sales tax calculated depends on many factors, the identity of the seller or the state of the seller’s headquarters, the type or entity of the sold product (different depending on the product and the state law), the buyer’s headquarters or the final address for sending the products to him (this is the main factor in calculating the sales tax) These values ​​may change when you review the products in your shopping cart and complete the final payment. This means that the tax rate seen in the shopping cart is estimated and may differ from the final percentage actually paid at the end of the entire purchase (overall and not very different if not different) Definitely not Amazon is working to check the calculation within the system automatically and quickly), and the most important here that the seller will not enter into these problems of calculation, because he will know exactly how much the value of sales tax obtained on behalf of the details of the request and through the management page of the seller account.

There are some paid services that calculate the sales tax for each product sold, and according to each state, city and client automatically and quickly, and even it provides the acknowledgment of each state and pay the amounts owed to them, the location (TaxJar) one of the examples of these services.

7. When buying from Amazon, taxes are shown in addition to the price at the time of purchase to be paid by the purchaser. Does Amazon take the sales tax from the seller or take it from the buyer, and does it pay the tax to the government as long as it is deducted from the tax?

The seller is responsible for paying the tax to the state, not Amazon. Amazon gives the seller the full amount with the tax (after the buyer pays the total at the end of the sale), but Amazon at the end of the fiscal year informs the tax authority of the sales of each seller, The previous answer

Sales taxes pay the state the buyer’s headquarters, and there are income taxes and cumulative taxes payable to the state headquarters of the seller, and there are federal taxes, (ask for the details of all that financial accountants).

8. What if some products were shipped from China to Amazon stores directly for sale later?

Answer: Each product or commodity has different percentages of customs or tax duties, and the terms of admission of the product to the US market. Amazon often does not accept direct shipments from the Chinese market to its warehouses. Therefore, a customs clearance agent will deal with Customs to clear the shipment and then another person To convert them to Amazon stores.

9. What is the customs clearance limit for goods in the United States of America?

There is no such thing as a complete exemption, but there are trade exchange agreements between countries, including the reduction or elimination of the customs tax on some products as mentioned in these agreements, The customs ratios vary according to the product, which is not large compared to customs in the Arab world. For example, Jordan exempted its products from the US Customs,

If you exceed the customs exemption limit, do I need a commercial register and a registered company to receive the goods through?

Answer: There must be a registered company with products in commercial quantities imported from China, and there are other import requirements in commercial quantities.

How is the tariff calculated on goods imported into the United States?

Answer: Each product has a different ratio. Each product has a tariff number in the customs, according to which the type of product is determined and in which department, the customs rate is determined or if it is exempt. Do not forget the origin of the product (the country of manufacture or export) Different from the clothes of polyester or woolen, and the proportions of cotton in clothes affect the value of the proportion of customs also, and the type of clothing also (eg pants or Vanela or Jacquet) vary according to the proportion of customs, and so on.

Customs clearance agents therefore intervene to facilitate such operations and reckless calculations of the person’s large ramifications.

10- Are there suppliers in China who have the ability to import goods from China to the United States and deliver them to Amazon stores, whatever their quantity without the need for a record or other?

Yes, there are such services (as I heard, God knows), but I do not trust them, and the reputation of the Chinese in direct Bitcoin Code trade should be cautious when dealing with them (as a direct transaction), let alone such a deal,

11. Is there international shipping from Amazon?

Answer: International shipping is limited to certain countries and not to all countries. It varies according to the seller and its services. Does the seller offer international shipping or not?

1. The seller must subscribe to the FBA Export Delivery Service, a service that is different from the conventional Amazonian delivery,

2. This service is available only to vendors from pre-defined countries (not including any Arab country) who are allowed to make their products available for international shipping,

3. Amazon ships specific products to certain countries only and within a service called Amazon Global Export, and there are a group of Arab countries to which the products are sent,

4. International shipping is allowed only for specific products and categories,

5. Shipping is done by regular international mail (ie not using companies such as FedEx or DHL).

6. Amazon asserts that it is not responsible for customs duties in the buyer’s country of the product.

In the latter, I hope I have answered the questions, and things have become clearer,